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Thank you for visiting Atlas chiropractic clinic website. Atlas Chiropractic Clinic (DBA HealthSource Lynnwood Since 2014) is located on Highway 99, very close to Mukilteo, North Lynnwood, and South Everett.

Dr. Jin-Young Kim and the staff are here to assist you with all your chiropractic needs in a high tech facility. Our hope is that, with us, you are one step closer to enjoying a better life that you deserve.

Call today, and make an appointment which will not only change your health but your life as well.

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What is causing you pain? How can we help?

Car accident can cause a lot of pain to multiple areas of the body. Dr. Kim has been certified in Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries from Dr. Jeffrey States' Personal Injury Training Institute on July 1st, 2004. Dr. Kim is certified in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics & Traumatology from Dr. Arthur Croft, Spine Research Institute of San Diego on September, 2013.

If you have been in a car accident, come in for a visit to find out how we can help and start feeling better. Click here to learn more.

Stressed neck muscles and joints can be caused by trauma such as an impact to the neck or head from a car accident or simply bumping your head on the wall. But just as frequent, neck pain can be caused by bad posture.

Dr. Kim has worked extensively on many types of neck pain. Dr. Kim performs chiropractic joint and muscle work around the neck with and without instruments depending on each patient. Click here to learn more.

Back pain can be caused by many things such as an auto accident, a sport injury, or simply tweaking the back from lifting something heavy. Low back pain could be involved in any damaged structural element of the lumbar spine.

Because of the many reasons the back could be hurting, it is extremely important to know and understand what is causing the pain.

Dr. Kim provides a diagnosis from the first visit and prepares a treatment plan to help you get back on your feet without back pain. Click here to learn more.

Pain in the shoulder area such as bilateral Trapezius muscle pain is often caused by neck problem not shoulder problems. However, there are many different injuries to the shoulder that can still happen.

Shoulder pain around the shoulder joints and shoulder muscles are caused by trauma from a sports injury, falling down, overuse of shoulder, or gradual unknown unset. Dr. Kim has extensive experience in neck, shoulder, back, and chest to be able to identify if the pain in the shoulder is caused by the shoulder or a different area. Click here to learn more.

More than 47 million Americans have experienced a severe or debilitating headache in the past three months. Migraines alone affect 9% of the U.S. population and costs $1 billion a year in direct medical expenses.

There are 2 basic categories of headaches, primary and secondary. Primary headaches includes vascular origin (cluster and migraine headaches) as well as muscular origin (tension-type headaches). Secondary headaches result from another source including inflammation or head and neck injuries. Find out what is causing your headache from Dr. Kim and start getting relief immediately. Click here to learn more.

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