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Neck pain

Stressed neck muscles and joints can be caused by trauma such as an impact to the neck or head from a car accident or simply bumping your head on the wall. But just as frequent, neck pain can be caused by bad posture. Examples of prolonged wrong posture includes slouching in front of the computer, sleeping in an awkward posture such as on the sofa or using the smart phone with the neck in a downward position for a long time.

There are seven vertebrae in the cervical spine. Each joint is supposed to move freely without limitation in their range. However, if one joint is fixed and does not move properly, then the joint above and below it will have to accommodate for the dislodged joint and will have to move more to compensate. After some time, the surrounding ligament and muscles will start to get stressed and this will cause pain.

Dr. Kim has worked extensively on many types of neck pain. Dr. Kim performs chiropractic joint and muscle work around the neck with and without instruments depending on each patient.

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