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Shoulder Pain

Pain in the upper shoulder area such as bilateral Trapezius muscle pain is often caused by neck problem not shoulder problems. However, there are many different injuries to the shoulder joints that can still happen.

Shoulder pain or/and stiffness (with decreased shoulder motion) could be caused by trauma from a sports injury, falling down, overuse of shoulder or gradual unknown unset including inflammation process, genetic, auto-immune, and hormonal.

Making the right diagnosis on the shoulder is extremely important in order to implement the proper treatment plan. For example, a patient with similar pain symptoms could have a different origin of pain which could be diagnosed as adhesive capsulitis, scapulohumeral fibrositis, rotator cuff tendinitis, bursitis, biceps tendinitis or sprains and strains of Glenohumoral joint or acetoacromial joint.

Dr. Kim is certified special shoulder technique (Niel-Asher Technique) for the Frozen shoulder.

Frozen shoulder syndrome can define after Grubbs as: ‘a soft tissue capsular lesion accompanied by painful and restricted active and passive motion at the glenohumeral joint’ (Grubbs 1993).

Frozen shoulder syndrome has a more risk factors on over 50 y.o. female, Diabetic patient, shoulder crouched bed posture or history of shoulder fracture or surgery.

After Dr. Kim provides an accurate diagnosis, a treatment plan to reduce pain and promote healing will be performed with a variety of adjusting technique, utilizing chiropractic instrument and applying therapeutic exercises.

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